To help make your move less stressful, we hope the following moving tips will help your planning.

Dale J. Cook Moving and Storage, Inc, one of Charleston’s oldest moving companies, is thrilled that you have selected us as your mover! Our professional staff is looking forward to assisting your relocation, and we hope the following information will help in making your move easier.

  • Leave all items to be packed in original location. This allows the packers more room to pack, and your belongings can be packed by room making unpacking easier.

  • We will not pack items that are flammable, corrosive, explosive (ammunition) and items that will spill and cause damage to other items moved with your shipment. Plan to transport these yourself, or give them away.

  • We suggest that valuable items, such as jewelry, furs, stocks and bonds, or rare coins not be packed by your movers. These items are not covered under additional valuation, and you will need to carry these with you

  • Once a carton is packed by the company, we recommend that unless it is absolutely necessary, do not reopen cartons. Please notify packing/loading crew that you have reopened the carton so it can be resealed.

  • Make sure all packing boxes have sturdy bottoms and tops. Invest in cartons either from us or the local paper company. Grocery and liquor boxes will cost money in the long run.

  • Use plenty of newspaper or white packing paper to cushion your items.

  • Remember items packed by owner are not covered under your valuation, unless physical damage to cartons is noted at time of delivery.

  • Invest in having the company pack items of value (china, art, crystal, etc.) so that if damage occurs, you are covered.

  • Defrost and wipe down refrigerator the night before loading. We cannot transport food, so discard or give away before day of loading, **Local Moves – We will transport freezer with food and items inside freezer. We cannot be responsible for spoilage of the foods. We will try and load these items last and deliver them first. Remember, loading can take a while so have a cooler with refreshments on day of loading.

  • Drain any waterbeds at least 24 hours before loading.

  • If appliances need to be serviced, such as ice maker, washer, dryer, notify the company 24 hours before loading. At least 48 hours if items are gas appliances.

  • On day of loading and packing, meet your supervisor and discuss inventory procedures, and your worries and concerns. You are the client, we will move at your pace. Point out items that you would like special attention paid to.

  • If any problems cannot be settled with the supervisor, usually the driver, call our office immediately.

  • Put all the items that you are taking with you in one place and notify the supervisor that these items are not to be loaded.

  • After items are loaded, walk through your home with the supervisor and check all closets, sheds, cupboards and attics and make sure nothing is being left behind.

  • Make sure the supervisor has directions, address and correct telephone numbers to your new home.

  • Normally this will go faster than load day, but make sure you have some idea where you want items placed.

  • Make sure you check off the inventory that was made at loading. (If this is a local move, an inventory is not required.) Be sure to note any damage at time of delivery on this inventory.

  • If a claim should arise, make sure you have noted it on your inventory or local ticket. Call our office and we will instruct you on claim procedures.

  • Interstate (state-to-state) claims need to be filed no later than nine months after delivery.

  • Intra-state claims (within state) need to be filed no later than six months after delivery.