Receiving and Delivery

Dale J. Cook Moving & Storage is a name that runs deep within the Charleston area as we are one of the longest family owned and operated companies in the local moving and storage industry. The pride and care shown through our work is one of our biggest retainers of our current customers and what leads others to referring their family and friends to us.

We have one of the finest Receiving and Delivery facilities in the Charleston area, and we pride ourselves on being able to intake and consolidate your items, including on-site assembly, and have them ready for pick-up/delivery when you need them.

Our warehouse facility offers Receiving and Delivery options for your business for those times when you need to order large items or a large number of items. For some of our clients we perform all the required services from receiving to inside delivery and setup. For staged work, we offer the ability to store shipments until they are needed. When the time comes for delivery, we can perform delivery and setup, if needed. We promise to give you, the customer, the “white-glove” treatment with every item you trust into our care. We know that your business relies on getting your product to your customers in perfect condition, and that is our business.

We aren’t just planning on landing your business and walking away, either. We want a long-term relationship, and that means we have to make sure every aspect of the process is done carefully, correctly, on time, and on budget. We want to be working with you for a long time into the future!

We’ve had successful business relationships with hotels, restaurants, remodelers, and many more. The businesses that call the lowcountry home know that they can call Dale J Cook their home for Receiving and Delivery. We’d love for you to join our long list of satisfied customers.

Give us a call at (843) 552-4833.

Or you can send us an email at, and tell us how we can help you with all of your Receiving and Delivery needs!